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Yasmee Group of Company is one of the highly reputed manufacturer and exporter of Construction net, Cargo net, Gangway net, Helipad net & braided net that are marked for world class efficiency. We lay immense emphasis on giving full satisfaction to our clients and assure for prompt service. The company is a perfect example of systematic working and excellence. It is its undying commitment to excellence, which has helped it to progress at an astronomical pace.
We adopt strict quality inspection methods to ensure product quality, since we know customers are our top priorities. Our motto has been "diligence, preciseness, practice and innovation". During this process, we enforce strict selection of original materials and insist on only the finest workmanship from our employees. Our products are selling well in both domestic as well as overseas markets.

Safety Net

Safety Net

Safety net has saved many lives. It provides protection applications such as Construction tower, highrise building, Protecting workers on scaffolding or people on mezzanines.

	Chemical pallets

Construction Net

Keep your workers safe, your insurance rates down and your on-site morale high. Our construction net is quality-made and custom-made to meet your job requirements. It is especially effective in busy Town and City sites.

Euro pallets

Cargo Net

Cargo net is made by PP rope without knot for lifting cargo and also for safety purpose. Improves highway safety, Complies with new regulations for transport of crushed cars, Disposable, Economical, Easy to apply.

Helipad Net

Helipad Net

Helipad net is manufactured from polypropylene rope or manila rope or sisal rope having border from 20 mm upto 32 mm and inside rope 20 mm to 28 mm having a mesh of 6" * 6" upto 12" * 12" as per size and specifications.

Swimming Pool Net

Swimming Pool Net

Yasmee make swimming pool net is made from polypropylene rope of 12 mm border and inside rope of 4 mm or 6 mm with an overlay of blue color HDPE net with 4 corner ropes and tie ropes.

Gangway Net

Gangway Net

Yasmee make gangway net Manufactured from polypropylene rope of tested quality. Generally border rope of 12 mm and inside rope of 8 mm having mesh of4" * 4" or 3" * 3" as per your size and specifications.

Scramble Net

Scramble Net

Scramble net is made from polypropylene rope or manial rope 20mm to 25mm dia with having mesh of rope 12" x 12" with three galvanised thimble tied with 1.5 mtr long long rope.

Double Cord Net

Double Cord Net

Safety net made from H.D.P.E. Double cord net having 1" x 1" mesh as per your size. This can be with 12mm border rope all around, We can also supply this in single Cord with same specification

	wooden crates

Shade Net

Shade net are generally used for agricultural purpose to avoid sun rays and quality offered in UV stabilized. Availble in various colours green, white, blue, yellow and black Standard roll size of 50m * 3m in grade of 50%,75%,90%.

Our Strength

Creative and innovative sourcing strategies.

Highly skilled and creative professionals.

Innovative and effective product development process.

Market and category domain expertise.